Applications are closed

Applications at this time have been closed, but stay tuned to see our contestants creations!


This project is open to Métis fashion designers and textile artists with design experience who hold a valid Métis Nation citizenship card (MNBC, MNA, MN-S, MMF, or MNO) and those who self-identify as Métis with a family connection.

How to apply

The application involves the following four (4) components: 


1. Portfolio

One photo of each of three (3) different completed original fashion designs. Choose a photo that best represents your design. Please provide a brief explanation for each design describing how it relates to Métis culture. 


2. Biography

A short biography describing your experience in fashion design as well as your connection to Métis history and culture. 


3. Statement of Interest

A short statement explaining why you are interested in participating in this project.


4. Signed Application Form

The application form below (Annex A for those aged 18+, Annex B for those under the age of 18) must be signed and dated, confirming acknowledgement and agreement to the outlined requirements within. 


All four components of the application as listed above, must be emailed in PDF or jpeg format as a single email to the following address: . The deadline to submit applications is 23:59 Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, January 9th, 2021.  

Any applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Following the application procces

Adjudication Round One - Selection of the fifteen (15) project participants 

Participants will be selected by impartial adjudicators on the basis of their submitted application. 

The judging criteria will include: 

  • artistic merit of the applicant’s portfolio submission, 

  • consideration will be given to fashion design experience, 

  • consideration will be given to the participant’s connection to Métis culture and history. 


* All applicants will be notified on the status of their application by late January, 2021.


The Fifteen (15) Selected Designers will:

  • be notified by late January 2021 that they have been selected as one of the fifteen (15) participants.

  • attend two virtual Métis culture teaching days (Two days scheduled for the end of January) hosted by the program’s mentors. * The teaching days will be hosted via Google Meets or Zoom. 

  • be sent an HBC blanket from which they will create their original piece of outwear

  • participate in a 3-minute video during the design construction phase

  • be required to have their design completed by March 25, 2021


Adjudication Round two - Selection of top five designs

Of the 15 submissions, the top five designs will be selected by a jury of impartial adjudicators based on:

  • style characteristics of the HBC blanket,

  • design thought process and inspiration,

  • originality, design and creativity.


NOTE: The artists of the five (5) designs may be asked to attend the launch of the first in-person event and/or participate in a virtual recorded event. If applicable, reimbursement for travel expense, up to a maximum of $1000.00 per person will be available. At this time, the date for an in-person event is unknown due to Covid-19


Call or Email the Métis Nation of Alberta - Region 3

Phone:  (403) 512-3739